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Herbalife Shapeworks Advanced
Herbalife Shapeworks Advanced for sale

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Shapeworks Advanced

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Herbalife Shaker Cup - #8477
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Key Benefits:
  • The ShapeWorks QuickStart program with added enhancers.
  • Includes Total Control for metabolism.
  • Includes Cell-U-Loss for appearance of dimpled skin and fluid retention.

Herbalife Programs are Simple to Follow! (and very Nutritious)


Take the supplements included with your program 3 times daily to enhance your weight loss, control your appetite, burn fat and give your body the benefits of healthy nutrition.


Delicious Shakes
Enjoy 2 delicious meal replacement shakes scientifically formulated to give you the nutrition of a complete mealsatisfying your hunger and your taste buds for easier, healthier weight loss.


Healthy Meal
Eat 1 healthy meal of your choice.  You'll never feel deprived or bored and you'll look forward to one of your favorite foods each day.  You can enjoy your 1 healthy meal when convenient for you which means you can eat your favorite breakfast, dinner with your family or lunch with co-workers.



About the Advanced Program

The Advanced  program is the optimal program to achieve long lasting weight loss results. Designed for people with a medium amount of weight to lose, this Herbalife program forms a solid foundation on which to build on, with the use of extra targeted nutritional supplements scientifically designed by Herbalife.


"The ShapeWorks Advanced Program provides you with scientifically based protein shakes and enhancers that are designed to help you lose weight."



Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix (750g)


Delicious Formula 1 Nutritional Shakes
(750g Large Size Now Included)

It will feel like you are cheating: but you won't be! Choose from delectable flavors like French Vanilla, Cookies 'n Cream, Dutch Chocolate, Wild Berry and Tropical Fruit. Combine it with non-fat or soy milk in your blender and you get an easy meal replacement with 19 grams of hunger-busting protein chocked with heart-healthy soy protein, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes and fiber that will give you energy to spare.




Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex


Easy-To-Take Formula 2 Multivitamin
Mom always told you to take your vitamins. It's about time you followed her advice, isn't it? This blend of vitamins has minerals and herbs that will help ensure your essential nutrient needs and fill you with vitality you need to live your life to the fullest.




Cell Activator


Energizing Cell Activator
Pull yourself out of that low-energy slump you've been living in all of these years. Stop poor digestion, fatigue and lowered immunity in their tracks. Cell Activator capsules include a blend of essential nutrients plus select botanicals that will improve the way your body functions, making all systems go from head to toe!




Herbal Concentrate (1.8 oz)

Revitalizing Herbal Concentrate
(Original Flavor, 50g)
Get your boost the natural way, without an energy crash that can ruin your productivity. Enjoy a delicious hot or cold a thermogenic beverage with green tea and select herbs. Get the energy to do everything you want in life!


Total Control (90 Tablets)

Total Control - Makes Weight Loss Faster and easier: Don't let your low energy and slow metabolism get you down! Give your weight loss a kick into high gear with Total Control. Take this supplement enhanced with green tea and watch the pounds drop off!



Get Rid of Excess Water with Cell-U-Loss - Lose Water Weight Fast: Yuck, dimpled, gross fatty looking skin. There has to be a way to get rid of it. There is! Eliminate that water is weighing you down and affecting the look of your skin! Get rid of it now and feel slimmer almost immediately!

Herbalife Shaker Cup

NEW! Included Herbalife Shaker Cup
Brought to you only by HerbalBuddy.com.
Custom designed for Herbalife products, this screw-top shaker is a shake-making essential. The shaker's handy measurements are great for mixing Herbalife shakes.

If you aren't feeding your cells, you aren't doing all you can to be the healthiest person you can be. Formulated with Herbalife's exclusive Cellular Nutrition technology as the foundation for healthy weight loss.




How to Use:
Jump start your weight loss by selecting one of the healthy, yet delicious tasting, Formula 1 Nutritional Shakes. Mix it up in your blender or shaker cup and enjoy an easy portable meal on the go. Take the nutritional supplements 2 to 3 times per day as indicated on each bottle.

Detailed instructions on this program and when to take each supplement will be emailed to you and are also available for download on this website.


Quick Tip:  If you have a blender mix it up a little by adding ice, your own fresh fruit or follow our Delicious & Nutritious Shake Recipes.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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*An extensive questionnaire generated responses from more than 200 U.S. Herbalife Independent Distributors about their weight-loss programs and results. They reported weight loss ranging from 4 pounds to 167 pounds and a reduced body mass index (BMI) of 1.5 points to 24.1 points, suggesting that consumption of Herbalife products is associated with weight loss and improvement in BMI in those ranges..